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Social change is a team effort. Join us in our responsible recycling mission and let's create a circular economy together!

About us

Transforming E-Waste into a Sustainable Future

We, at Remine India Pvt Ltd, are dedicated to the responsible recycling of E-waste and Li-battery waste in India. We are proud to be recognized by the Government of India's Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) as a promising startup with a vision to make a difference in the world of waste management. As an up-and-coming recycling startup, our primary aim is to minimize waste and maximize sustainability in order to make a positive impact on the environment.

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    What we Recycle?

    Social change is a team effort. Join us in our responsible recycling mission and let's create a circular economy together!

    Lithium Ion Battery Recycling

    E-Waste Recycling

    Driven By Necessity

    As a Recycling Startup, we understand the critical link between the waste we produce and its profound impact on our climate


    Climate Change


    Supply Risk Of Critical Elements


    Biodiversity Loss

    The road to a sustainable future is paved with recycled intentions

    Our Services


    Responsible recycling has always been one of our top priorities. We are committed to following only the best recycling practices to ensure that waste is recycled in the safest and the most eco-friendly manner.

    EPR partnerships and compliance

    EPR partnerships and strict regulatory compliance is something that we have always abided by, and by doing so, we aim to ensure responsible waste management

    Reverse Logistics

    we specialize in environment-friendly and efficient reverse logistics solutions and processes to ensure the seamless recycling as well as disposal of waste to minimize waste and maximize value recovery.

    Data sanitization & Security

    We follow stringent protocols to ensure the erasure of any kind of sensitive data on the devices before recycling them while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality

    Our Solutions For Responsible Recycling

    Responsible recycling of electronic waste and lithium-ion batteries is an essential part of the solution to address the problems of climate change and supply risk of critical elements

    Recycling lithium-ion batteries makes it possible to salvage valuable components like cobalt and lithium, minimizing the need for additional mining and protecting rare resources.

    Recycling minimizes the release of greenhouse gases associated with waste disposal methods

    Responsible recycling reduces the negative effects of mining and extraction on the environment, which helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions overall

    Our recycling initiatives encourage a shift towards more sustainable consumption and production patterns

    Our Unique Selling Propositions

    Recovery Excellence

    Achieving an impressive 96-97% recovery rate, we extract valuable components from electronic waste and lithium-ion batteries, minimizing waste and conserving precious resources

    Circularity in Action

    Embracing circularity, we transform waste into reusable resources, enabling our recycled materials to be integrated into the production of lithium components and critical elements.

    Empowering Sustainability

    Our responsible recycling practices actively combat climate change by preventing harmful emissions from landfill methane and conserving energy used in raw material extraction


    How It Works?


    Efficiently gather discarded lithium-ion batteries from various sources to initiate the recycling process


    Break down collected batteries into smaller components through shredding, facilitating the subsequent separation of valuable materials

    Mechanical Separation

    Employ advanced techniques to separate different materials like metals, plastics, and electrolytes from shredded battery components


    Utilize chemical processes to dissolve and recover valuable materials, such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese, from separated components

    New Active Materials

    Repurpose recovered materials to create new battery components, contributing to sustainable production and reducing the need for raw materials.

    Our Products

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    Our Goals

    Our Sustainable Development Goals

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